Catering Menu


Sue's can provide an assortment of dishes and salads for your event needs.  One day advance notice is required. 

your choice of Green Salads from the Menu   or

Pasta Salad (Tuna, Spinach Feta,

Lemon Pepper, Chicken Penne,

Tomato Cucumbers, Cajun Pasta,

Buffalo Chicken Pasta,

Mushroom Pasta) 

Fruit Salad or Chicken Waldorf



Serves approxomately 10 people - 27.50



Serves approxomately 20 people - 55.00



Serves approxomately 30 people - 82.50

Includes Rolls, Lettuce, Tomato and Condiments.

Turkey , Ham and Roast Beef




Serves approxomately 15 people - 75.00



Serves approxomately 20 people - 100.00



Serves approxomately 25 people - 125.00


Or if you Have an odd Number of People it would be $5 per Person

Any Deli Sandwich or Pita Pocket:


w/ cup of soup or side salad - 9.50

w/ cup of soup and side salad - 12.00

w/ 2 side salads - 12.00


Sizeable orders for 10 people or more will be set up on trays 



Lunch Box


Lunch Boxes are individually packaged complete lunches, each including a sandwich, cookie and a drink.


A minimum of 10 Lunch Boxes

per order is required.



Wrap Sandwich

w/ cookie & drink - 10.00


Deli Sandwich

w/ cookie & drink - 10.00

Pita Pocket

w/ cookie & drink - 10.00


Special Orders (i/e finger foods, Snacks, Sweets): Ask for quotes.

Sue's N.Y. Deli 


Please Call The Main Street Location


All Deliveries Must Be Called Before

10 am

Minimum Delivery Charge is $10

Visit us at our

2 locations: 

622 Main Street

Theatre Place, Buffalo


M-F : 9:00AM to 2:30PM

130 S. Elmwood Ave.



M-F : 7:30AM to 1:30PM