Homemade Soups & Chili

 Soup Cup 3.25   Bowl 4.00  Large 16 oz 5.25

 Chili  Cup 3.50  Bowl 4.5o   Large 16 0z 5.50


Spinich Pie 6.25  w/ feta cheese & tomato

Veggie Burger 6.95

Grape Leaves 6 pieces - 6.25

Soup is  generally served hot, created daily by combining the freshest ingredients like meat and vegetables with perfectly prepared stock, juice, water, or many other liquids. Our unmatched chili, with hand-chopped vegetables and plenty of beans is made daily.

Sue's N.Y. Deli 


Please Call The Main Street Location


All Deliveries Must Be Called Before

10 am

Minimum Delivery Charge is $10

Visit us at our

2 locations: 

622 Main Street

Theatre Place, Buffalo


M-F : 9:00AM to 2:30PM

130 S. Elmwood Ave.



M-F : 7:30AM to 1:30PM